Inspired a by a true story, Torn is a dramatic tale of parental love, families ties and belonging. It begins when Sarah (Holly Aird) believes she has seen the daughter she lost on a beach 11 years ago – the daughter who had, it was always assumed, tragically drowned. What follows is a devastating tug of love, as the now teenage girl (Jo Woodcock) is torn between her beloved “mother” who abducted her (Nicola Walker) and her biological mother, Sarah, who is a now stranger to her.

Torn was RTS nominated for Best Drama Serial and entertained 6.5 million viewers.

‘The best drama on ITV since Prime Suspect, plausible, messy and superlatively performed.’ The Times

I plan to watch every minute of this three parter, it’s a sensational edge of the seat treat’. Daily Express

‘Mesmerising performances, this was most definitely one of ITV’s best recent dramas.’ The Mail